Slipp’ry When Wet      Released April 2020


                        Join us for…

“A Night at the Avignon”



The Avignon is a mythical place where struggling musicians, singers, song writers, dancers, waiters and waitresses, cooks and other performers from around the world hope to play, with a chance to make it big! Please play it in the order below – there are introductions, vignettes, and even a hidden track at the end – wait for it!


   Pre-Party Fun a minute of party noise with SWW

& their backup band, The Bongomen



UP! (w Donny Kaja on drums) and the Bongomen.  

               NEW VIDEO



 (At the) Avignon (w Donny Kaja on drums) and the Bongomen.



 (The) Rent (is Too Damn High) with the Bongomen.

        NEW VIDEO   



Gaga’s Song #7 (You n I), (by L. Gaga) with the Bongomen  



MYMC (My Motorcycle) (Chris Rehak’s 2002 improv song made whole)



Marty Noodles MC, Intro to Meyer Trio


Sundown (The Meyer Trio; song by G. Lightfoot)


 1 Rock (MMM Heaven) NEW VIDEO


 Noodles’ Intro to Golden Weasel.     


(She’s the) Kinda Girl (Who Knows How to Have Fun.)

Golden Weasel  is really Slipp’ry When Wet & The Bongomen!

                                    NEW VIDEO



Everybody Knows (song by L. Cohen, with apologies to him.)



 The Knight of the Avignon (a small sample of all he does for the Avignon)


Hidden Track: (wait 20 seconds for it.) Gaga’s Song #9   


Parking is always FREE at the


(two drink minimum)


SWW is Bongoman and Jopeyer and they created all noises on this album except where noted.


The Bongomen are BongomanJopeyer, PRS170, RV3, and MRT3b. 


Bongoman is Paul Bruhn, Jopeyer is Joe Meyer.