(Our Second Year of Covid)



With the help of Slipp’ry When Wet


*Parental Caution: Heavy Use of the F-word in Many Songs*


*Bang F-word waring

As our fans know we always have a cover song or two. This is from Dave Van Ronk: “Luang Prabang” off his 1985 album “Going Back to Brooklyn.” He sings it a cappella. MixMaster Pete created the music, including heavy use of the Laotian Zither.  We all contributed to the battle noises and stuff. This was our most ambitious cover song since “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (which we called “Ed Fitz”) off our king o nuthin album.




Bongoman dreamed up this song, but didn’t have enough words, so jopeyer added a few and kept using them over and over. MixMaster Pete, as he does all our songs, produced and played instruments on this song.  He also wrote the title.


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Un film du jopeyer







*House of Distain F-word waring

During the pandemic we had a chance to clean our houses and “get our house in order.”  Not sure if anyone did that.

This started as a song about a meth house, but became about a whore house,

 and then about our house…


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“The Outer Space Adventures of the Space Ship Jopeyer in Outer Space!”

Episode 88: “House of Distain.”





Just Think

Originally this song was entitled “It’ll All Come Down.” Like most Slipp’ry When Wet songs of that era it was about nuclear war. The original song pierced the top 100 in Uzbekistan, but like most of our work of that era, no copies actually exist except for rare cassettes that can be found in several black market regions of central Asia.

So as we finish our second year of Covid-19,

 we thought it important to remind everyone that

sometimes it is really important to just… kind of…

you know…THINK.


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A Paid Political Opinion (that SWW agrees with)



Come On

Originally this song, which was in the top 8000 foreign rock songs in Uzbekistan for more than a month, was entitled “Come On/Thank You for Cumming.” That version was far more raw with far more slutty words. In retrospect, it may have been one of the reasons we were banned for life from Uzbekistan and most of the rest of Central Asia

This FRESH NEW VERSION has no swear words and is a 21st Century take on a 1950’s dance craze. So, grab your partner and enjoy the subtle sexual inuendo.


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Jopeyer’s rock n roll half hour Dance Show




Although Slipp’ry When Wet is an intensely and insanely political band with strong moral, political and music philosophies, this song is about a woman in a red dress. 

Notice the use of words never before used in a Slipp’ry When Wet song?


*Dom’s 3hr song F-word waring

Bongoman wrote the music and words to this song and recorded it in three hours entirely to impress a very hot and talented guitar player. She said she was very impressed with he song.  She also said “House of Distain” was “deep.” So there’s that.

Also, please note, Bongoman does not write love songs, except for this one.


*Don’t Care F-word waring

After impressing a girl with his live song,

Bongoman probably wrote this song in an effort to return to normal.

Most of the words other than the F-word were contributed by jopeyer.


*Nixon F-word waring

What can be said about this man?

Mostly the F-word.

We can all learn from Nixon.


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Real News Reports: Nixon, What’s Up with That?




All noises on this album were made by

Slippr’y When Wet,

which happens to be

MixMaster Pete (Pete Rehak),

The Bongoman (Paul Bruhn),

and jopeyer (Joe Meyer).




Here’s more things to think about…



There’s a big hole down the road. Sometimes it looks like a beautiful, peaceful, little pond with water lilies and lily pads and frogs and butterflies.

Sometimes it’s just a huge mud hole… with butterflies.



The truth about reptiles is that they are cold blooded. I’m not being judgmental here. They are cold blooded. So what that means is, when an alligator swallows you, you get a really cold shiver down your spine.



I found a crippled bird on the path on a hike atop a high cliff. I picked him up… check him out… he seemed okay. So I threw him high into the air and he flapped his wings wildly as he fell out of my sight.  I’m sure he’ll be okay.



So one time I was looking up at the night sky and I thought “Hey I bet someone on a planet around that star is looking up at me right now…” Of course, the light from his star took thirty thousand years to get here and the light he’s seeing left our sun thirty thousand years ago… so… we probably are not looking up at each other.