Being Summer of 2020,


Be It Known Throughout the Realm



Slippr’y When Wet


has yet another


Exclusive Limited Release Album:





          (The Early Covid Sessions)





     (King of the Road - Rodger Miller)



World   New Video



KING New Video



Ed Fitz 


(The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald –


G. Lightfoot)



Bigfoot   New Video




(Brass in Pocket, Pretenders)



Jackasses & Clowns    NEWEST VIDEO




(You Can’t Always Get What


You Want, Rolling Stones)



All noises on this album have been made by Slipp’ry When Wet


A Special Note to Our Special Fans:


Pete Rehak is now an official member of SWW and CEO of SWW South (Franklin WI). 


Slippr’y When Wet is Pete Rehak (The Pirate Performer and Producer),

Paul Bruhn (Bongoman), and Joe Meyer (Jopeyer)