the winter covid sessions:


Spring 2021




Slippr’y When Wet 









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Newest VIDEO








Hungry Heart


(B. Springsteen)





Covid Christmas


(Now on Video)




Street Fighting Man


(Rolling Stones)




3rd Term! 

(Now on Video)





Plus an Unauthorized secret BONUS track:


Ice Cream Man


(stollen from various artists.)




A personal note from SWW: 


This pandemic has been hard on all of us. So we thought we could help.


“Waiting for the Apocalypse” was our first hit to break the Top 1000.


It is still played on radios in many parts of Uzbekistan, where there is a thriving black market on SWW tapes.


Unfortunately for humanity, all other versions of the song have been lost. So, we decided NOW was as good a time as any to start waiting, again.


All noises on this album were created by SWW and are the property of them, whomever them is.

SWW is The Producer (Pete Rehak), the Bongoman (Paul Bruhn) and jopeyer (Joe Meyer).